Foil Bonded Heaters

Foil bonded heaters are used in many applications. One of the most common is as an anti-condensate heater in refrigerators. Backer-Springfield elements are found in most brands of domestic (home) refrigerators as well as in commercial units for grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants.

There are many other areas of use for foil bonded heaters. Among these are commercial warming ovens, small appliances (coffee makers, crock-pots), agricultural, automotive and truck applications (mirror heaters). For quality, durability and low cost, there is no better element. Backer-Springfield offers a variable wattage foil bonded element for applications where different amounts of heat are required in different parts of the surface to be heated. Using one uninterrupted serve of wire, we can offer up to 14 changes of wattage for a given construction in a single foil heater. 

Foil heaters

Single-Ply Foil Construction:
The most common foil heater is our single-ply construction. PVC heater wire is bonded to a single piece of coated foil. These heaters offer a low profile (.105 max), good flexibility and wattages up to 0.5 Watt/in². Slightly higher wattage is possible if the ambient conditions and heat sink allow. An adhesive backing and release paper make this an excellent heater for high volume, low cost applications.

Two-Ply Foil Construction:
Our two-ply construction affords a slightly higher wattage output than our single ply construction. Higher wattage's are possible (1 Watt/in² and up) depending on the application. Here, PVC or silicone heater wire is bonded between two pieces of foil giving a slightly higher profile; (.120 max).



    • .22 ohm/ft. to 5,000 ohm/ft. Uniform Watt Density Heater Wire
    • 1 ohm/ft. to 6,500 ohm/ft. Variable Watt Density and Cold Ended Heater Wire
    • 1/32" Wall PVC Insulation (1/16" Available)
    • 1/32" Wall Silicone Insulation (1/16" Available) 

  • FOIL:
    • .002" Thick .005" Thick. Both Foils Available with Vinyl Coating or Plain.

    • Rubber Based with Release Paper
    • Acrylic Based with Release Paper

    • #18 Stranded Copper, PVC Insulation or Silicone Insulation
    • #20 Stranded Copper, PVC Insulation or Silicone Insulation 

    • Stapled - Mechanical, Electrical Protection Only; Not Moisture Resistant
    • Heat Seal Sleeve - Moisture Resistant, 6 W/ft. Max
    • Heat Shrink - Moisture Resistant, 6 W/ft. Max
    • Adhesive Heat Shrink - Moisture Proof, 6 W/ft. Max
    • Silicone Over mold - Moisture Proof, 15 W/ft. Max


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